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Our Team

Patent Attorneys
F. R. von Samson-Himmelstjerna
Michael R. A. Turi
Dr. Wolfgang Lippich
Dr. Oswald A. Niederkofler
Dr. Georg K. H. Jacoby
Dr. Tobias K. W. Stammberger
Dr.-Ing. Cletus von Pichler
Alexander Münster-Horstkotte
Ralf Haft
Dr. Sigrid Obenland
Ludwig Alexander von Poswik
Dr. Martin Vetter
Dr. Thomas Behrens
Dr. Robert Baier
Dr. Lucas Fischer
Matthias Göpfert
Martin Jankovec
Dr. Marcus Otten
Uli Thalhammer
Birgit Nédélec
Dr. Andreas Geissler

Patent Engineers
Dr. Stephan Anders
Tobias Heckele
Maximilian Klepper
Dr. Isabella von Sivers
Dr. Federico von Samson-Himmelstjerna

Concentrated experience that you can count on.

Each patent lawyer in our team brings with them a comprehensive wealth of expertise through their technical university studies, their special training in patent law and their work experience. Added to this is our ongoing continuing education, because what drives us are our future achievements rather than our past ones. Our teaching roles in technical seminars, numerous publications as well as our training of new talent also show that we gladly go that extra step, which naturally also benefits our clients.